Réseau Ferré de France, as project leader of the network, steers many development projects in order to meet the changing travelling requirements of our customers. We base our projects on feedback and consultations in order to ensure they are justifiable on a socio-economic scale and to guarantee their success.

developing new railway lines developing new railway linesdeveloping new railway lines

Extending the “railway web”

Our plans to develop the network, from modernisation to the laying new lines, are born from:

a desire to bring transport links to more areas,
an appreciation of economic requirements,
a philosophy of sustainable development for everyone.

3 essential stages

At Réseau Ferré de France, we listen to the overall expectations of every player at each stage of the process, in order to develop a project that is suited to the region:

The definition phase of a project is when we consider the priorities of all parties involved such as the Government, the regions and local residents, and determine their needs,
The research phase confirms the feasibility of the project in technical, economic and environmental terms, whilst at the same time assessing costs and ensuring that the facilities are approved by all parties involved,
The execution phase of the project ensures that the chosen targets are achieved within the pre-determined cost and quality limits and deadlines.

In addition, Réseau Ferré de France not only involves, empowers and encourages innovation from its service providers and agents, but the company also ensures that its demands in terms of social responsibility and environmental protection are taken into account in its contracts.

Territorial, economic, sustainable and comprehensive growth.

Réseau Ferré de France is a major player in the railway sector. Owner and manager of the French railway network since 1997, Réseau Ferré de France has placed performance at the heart of its strategies, its structure and its service offering.
Our goal is to respond as best we can to the realities and problems of the railway sector.