Réseau Ferré de France is one of the leading land owners in France. Use of this land forms part of its policy to modernise the railway network.

optimising property assets optimising property assetsoptimising property assets

A vast real-estate resource

When it was created in 1997, Réseau Ferré de France received a significant amount of real estate. This asset comprises all of the railway infrastructures as well as property that is not needed for operating the transport services:
103,000 hectares of land spread across 11,000 districts,
4.7 million m2 of buildings.

Responsible allocation, for the good of the network

Our land and real-estate activities are centred around four goals.

Adding value to public land through effective town planning
We aim to reconcile future railway requirements with the local authorities’ land planning projects in order to develop our land and real-estate assets.
We structure our land based on master plans for railway property that allow us to determine, working in partnership with the local authorities, which parts of railway sites can be mobilised for urban development.

Selling our assets
Our company organises consultations and sets up specific partnerships as part of its initiatives to add value and encourage sales. Together with the buyers, who are usually local authorities, we study the conditions for releasing railway land. Working always at the forefront, we ensure that the available property is truly available.
547 properties were sold in 2007 for a total price of €110.2 million.
The income from these sales was in particular used to renew the network.

Optimising asset management and expanding property leasing
Réseau Ferré de France is expanding its leasing activities (real estate, telecoms, advertising etc.) and carefully controls how its property is used.
19,000 occupancy agreements have been signed, of which a third are for commercial activities. They are worth a total of €70 million in occupancy revenue.

Supporting the Government’s housing policy by offering land.
Our land is used to build 2,000 to 3,000 houses each year.

A total revenue of €110.2 million was made from sales in 2007.

Réseau Ferré de France is a major player in the railway sector. Owner and manager of the French railway network since 1997, Réseau Ferré de France has placed performance at the heart of its strategies, its structure and its service offering.
Our goal is to respond as best we can to the realities and problems of the railway sector.