Every day, 15,000 passenger and freight trains travel along the 29,213 kilometres of our track that are open to commercial traffic. As the company in charge of train traffic, Réseau Ferré de France establishes capacities based on the different requirements of all its clients.

traffic management traffic managementtraffic management

A flagship product: the train path

Seven million path reservation requests are received every year, the equivalent of 20,000 per day. It is Réseau Ferré de France’s job to facilitate access to the network and to find the optimum balance between:

Path profitability,
Meeting the transport demand for each line (major lines, regional lines, freight),
Arranging timetable windows for maintenance.

We are able to tackle this challenge thanks to an understanding of client needs, the production of quality train paths, and a range of standard pre-arranged paths.
We also need to ensure that we can guarantee fair access to the trans-European rail freight network.
Listening to the market

In order to satisfy the demands of all our users, we endeavour to listen to their needs and understand the reality of the situation. Réseau Ferré de France therefore organises Rail Path Consultation Sessions at annual consultative conferences on rail paths, both national and regional, which are attended by all the parties involved. These conferences are a place for suggestion and expression; they can also be used to identify limitations affecting traffic on the network, both on a national and European level.

15,000 trains travel along the network every day

Réseau Ferré de France is a major player in the railway sector. Owner and manager of the French railway network since 1997, Réseau Ferré de France has placed performance at the heart of its strategies, its structure and its service offering.
Our goal is to respond as best we can to the realities and problems of the railway sector.